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Smooth Finish Bathroom Ceilings, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Having smooth finishes for your ceilings is always a good idea. While they will make you incur a bit more investment, they will be worth it when you notice the property’s value increase and, more importantly, what they are able to do for your spaces. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, our goal is to make sure you get the desired finish based on the room where you want it. Our recommendation in the case of going for perfect finishes is to work with smooth-finish bathroom ceilings so that you can have spaces that look unique and cleaner.

Smooth finish ceilings will always make your spaces look larger or bigger than they are. In the case of bathrooms, it is a massive benefit since you can make a very small space look way more comfortable due to this feature alone. We are aware that most people think that considering the type of room, texturized ceilings would be better, but this would be the case when you are working with areas like your kitchen or places where dirt is easy to accumulate.

Even so, we highly recommend smooth finishes for all rooms as long as you can afford them since they allow for easier cleaning and less maintenance. As professionals who have been in for over two decades in the industry, we can promise you it is worth the entire investment, and unless you have a particular like for texturized ceilings, they may not be the best option in most cases.

That being said, let’s focus on the bathroom ceilings at hand. Allow us to guide you through the whole process and ensure you can have a neat and stunning result. With our contractors, we are able to provide smooth finish bathroom ceilings in record time.

How Will We Get the Smooth Finish Ceiling Done?

First, we need to assess your bathroom and its current ceiling finish and design. Some projects are more difficult due to the current texture or finish in place since we have to go over the removal, then prep work, and then the finish itself we will be installing now.

Second, our contractors have to address your specific needs. For instance, how you want the whole ceiling to look in terms of colors and other elements. Of course, the smoothness and unique finish remains in how it looks and feels.

Third, we have to learn more about you. Your budget, preferences, and all conditions or elements you want us to consider are equally important. While they may not be for other companies, we take the time to address all of them so that we can get you the most out of the investment.

Finally, we will proceed with the actual process of getting the smooth finish bathroom ceilings done:

  • Our team will start removing the old texture or materials. In case we are dealing with a new construction or space, this will be taken out of the process and estimate.
  • We proceeded to work on prepping the surface and making sure the whole ceiling was done for the finish.
  • Cleaning, repairs, and priming are all included in this prep work.
  • Our contractors will proceed with the joint compound and make sure the entire application is neatly made.
  • Troweling and getting the smooth finish, mostly manually, will be carefully handled.
  • We perform a final inspection in addition to all the steps so that we can see any details or missing parts in the ceiling.

How Much Will Your Smooth Finish Bathroom Ceilings Cost?

It depends on multiple factors:

  • The type of ceiling you currently have and the extra work it will involve.
  • Any repairs or additional needs we must cover.
  • Preferences and requests you have around the ceiling.
  • Your budget and how much you can afford on this process.
  • The square footage we will get done during the finish and how we apply it.

Overall, the rate per square foot is set from $2 to $13 for all smooth ceilings and finishes. However, this will depend on all the factors above and your particular project.

Feel free to email or call us in order to request a free consultation and estimate from our team at Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling. We would love to know about you and how we can support your needs for these smooth-finish bathroom ceilings for your home, business, or other properties.

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