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Cabinet Resurfacing, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Cabinet resurfacing is often different from what people describe. First, most homeowners believe they will be changing multiple parts of the whole cabinet structure, but for lower prices than replacement. Second, the look and how the materials provide a new aesthetical appearance are often confused by changing the entire feature. Finally, most people believe it is about making the cabinets more durable, which can be a bit questionable. Whenever you have doubts and are trying to approach this option, contact us at Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling for your needs.

We would love to guide you through what cabinet resurfacing is, how it works, and how our team can support you so that you have a clean and perfect result when you decide to go for this service in improving your cabinets.

The way we inform and educate you begins here. First, you will want to know that this is an alternative to replacing your cabinets, but only when they are still in good shape and the entire structure isn’t damaged or what it has can be easily repaired. Second, the reason why it focuses more on aesthetics is that you are changing the color and finish, but not the rest of the kitchen cabinet.

Finally, you can replace some parts like the hinges and the door handles, but those are minimal changes and replacements in comparison to what refacing means for a cabinet. In the end, you get a new look and aesthetically pleasing design that is more based on the color or finish you have for the cabinet.

This is why cabinet resurfacing isn’t for everyone. You need to determine how good your current cabinets are and if changing the design, color, and resurfacing and what it involves is all you need to get the desired result.

What Is the Main Difference between Refacing & Cabinet Resurfacing?

You can consider refacing more about changing the cabinets, almost.

As we mentioned, resurfacing your cabinets is about bringing a new style without changing the structure or components. This is why it is about painting, staining, and just making sure they don’t look old or bring a freshen-up look to the room.

Meanwhile, refacing goes for the opposite. You will have a complete change of components depending on their damage or how you want to change the cabinets. This is often considered since it is cheaper and ensures that you can keep the parts you like about them while replacing the rest.

Refacing is a better option for very old cabinets, or when you know changing the color or appearance won’t be enough for you to get the desired result.

Focusing on cabinet resurfacing, it does come with more than some refreshing in certain cases. Depending on whom is handling the project, you can get basic changes and some colors or styles, but working with professionals like us ensures that although you don’t get brand new components or not all of them, you still have:

  • New door handles and hinges.
  • We work with you to get a better finish and even design.
  • The material used for stain or resurfacing can vary.
  • We help you in blending the whole cabinet better in case you have a new design in your kitchen or room.

As long as you share your needs and ideas with us, we will be able to accommodate them and focus on how you can be comfortable, happy, and satisfied with the result, thanks to how cabinet resurfacing is addressed by our contractors.

How Much Does Cabinet Resurfacing Cost?

This is the right question whenever you want to assess prices and consider different options. Overall, resurfacing will always be cheaper because the number of materials and amount of work involved is much less compared to a replacement or getting new cabinets. Hence, this is undoubtedly a better approach in terms of price.

However, the cost itself will vary on multiple factors, such as the type of cabinet you have, the new finish you want to achieve, your budget, the square footage covered or the number of cabinets, your selection, and the door handles or hinges you choose.

Then, the complexity and how many repairs the cabinets need will add to the price or keep it the same based on the situation.

Overall, you can expect to spend between $600 to $6.000 for cabinet resurfacing, but in our company Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can consider your budget and give you a customized estimate for the project.

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