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Brick Paver Sealing, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Taking care of your floors and different features at home take specific services. Some cleaning and clearing may be enough for some areas, but others will require extra options such as sealing or staining. Brick pavers require the first as they will need to be protected from all the use and elements. Therefore, whenever you have them in your space, worry about how you can handle your brick paver sealing needs with us at Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling so that maintenance is provided to keep all your walkways, patios, and more in good condition.

But is everything good about sealing your pavers? Many people can argue this and say no. Since sealants vary a lot in the market and the use given to the brick pavers is different in each property, you do want to address your specific needs so that you can determine whether sealing is needed or not. But overall, it shouldn’t be a problem, maybe not the best solution and approach in some cases.

What we can tell you is that sealing them comes with a lot of benefits. First, you can easily enhance your outdoor look without having to rely on replacements or working on quite elaborated tasks and ideas. Second, it is about adding protection to the whole space. The sealant and this extra layer will act as UV protection and ensure you are not damaging your pavers more than necessary.

Finally, it will improve drainage depending on where your brick pavers are installed. Suppose your whole patio has brick pavers as flooring. Then, you will be grateful for how the material will help drain all the water due to the type of surface it creates.

Overall, you can consider sealing quite effective as long as you know what it brings.

But What Is Bad About Brick Paver Sealing?

We like to be transparent in our company so that you can rely on the fact that the solution or service will actually provide you with the results you expect.

Therefore, you will want to know that just like it has benefits, the issue with sealing your pavers is that it may be more than you can handle.

To begin with, all options have pros and cons. What we are trying to do here is that you get to know the main cons in case they do affect your project, surface, and what you are trying to balance while owning brick pavers for multiple spaces and features.

  • Sealing is required periodically. While it won’t be every few months or every year, it does need to be repeated at least every 3 to 5 years to ensure that quality isn’t compromised and to keep protection and aesthetics with the pavers.
  • Since it needs to be repeated, the price may be a bit too high for some owners. Don’t get us wrong; it is possible to have your brick paver sealed at an affordable rate, but quality sealers and the process itself may be a bit more than what you can afford in the long run.
  • Finally, it may not be the most eco-friendly option. In case you have the bricks around plants or in very specific green areas, the sealer won’t perform well with them, or vice versa. Hence, you ought to choose the right one, but this can lead to the price issue and previous con.

What we recommend is addressing the process with our professionals so that you can get the sealing done without major issues or without worrying about those cons.

How Long Does It Take to Seal Brick Pavers?

The timeline will depend on the square footage we are covering. However, it shouldn’t take too long in case you are worrying about having your space unavailable for too long.

On average, you can have the sealing done in 3 to 7 hours and let it dry so that the coverage is all complete. For this, you will have to wait 12 hours or more whenever it is possible so that you don’t damage the layer.

For driving or high-traffic activities, we increase the minimum to 24 hours or more. You don’t want the whole project to go to waste.

Finally, brick paver sealing can vary in the deadline and how it is handled. Therefore, feel free to call or email us at Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling so that you can get the most out of our team and get an accurate deadline or timeframe for your request.

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