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Cabinet Refinishing, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Cabinet refinishing is the best option you have when you are trying to find a balance in price, quality, and aesthetics. This option allows you to refresh your kitchen or bathroom by not having to replace your entire cabinetry. All it takes is some prep work and making sure that the cabinets are treated with the materials and products needed. But what is this process all about? And is it good regardless of the cabinetry’s condition and your situation? Well, it depends. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can guide you through the process and address all your questions about the project before you even decide to go for it.

Unlike other companies, we want you to be confident about the type of service and solution you are approaching. Otherwise, it is common to have regrets and spend more due to not choosing the right alternative for the results you want to get.

Therefore, let’s start here. First, cabinet refinishing only offers a new look and enhances the appearance in case your cabinets look old or you want to blend them well with the style of your room or space. However, the service itself doesn’t really solve damage or address most repairs.

Second, it needs to be done with quality materials and ensure the products used are coupled with proper prep work and skilled professionals handling the process. Otherwise, you will get a poor finish that will only damage the cabinetry as well.

Finally, your cabinets need to be in good shape or to the point where the damage can be handled with the refinishing process alone.

Considering this, when is this service even needed? Besides the previous cases to get a new design and look of your own, this can add property value during sales too.

Is Cabinet Refinishing Difficult to Do?

Yes and no. The problem with most people is that they want to approach some services and projects without worrying about hiring professionals. While this isn’t a bad idea for some solutions, it isn’t the best option in most cases.

When it comes to cabinet refinishing, the problem lies in how to prep work, and knowing how to actually refinish cabinetry is crucial to get the desired result. It isn’t about painting or staining but rather knowing what the items and features need.

Therefore, we are inclined to say, yes, it is. However, it can be approached with qualified and well-trained, and equipped contractors.

Our company Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, has all the professionals needed for the task. As long as you let us know about your needs and what you are trying to achieve with the refinishing in design, we will be able to accomplish it.

We follow a cost-effective and comfortable process that allows us to offer cabinet refinishing for all residents and property owners:

  • As soon as you take the step of contacting us, we want to know about our cabinetry. Its condition, shape, color, and what you expect to get matter. Your budget should be included as well.
  • From there, we start getting a design and plan around the design and appearance you want to obtain, or that is better for your space.
  • Once done, we proceed with prep work: we tape any areas, clean the cabinets, degrease them, sand, vac, and tack the cabinetry so then we can prime it.
  • We will start applying the new coat depending on the refinishing we are getting for you.

Once done, we let it dry, seal it, and make sure no details or problems are present on the surfaces.

How Much Will You Spend on Cabinet Refinishing?

Fortunately, not a lot. This is one of the main reasons why people love choosing it over replacements or having to reface the whole cabinetry.

You can expect to spend between $800 to $5.200, but the higher end is often involving a lot of square footage, specific conditions, high-quality materials in terms of brands and the refinishing that is obtained, and how the whole project is approached.

At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can give you an estimate for your particular project. Once we are done, you will have the details, products, and how much you are paying and why. Then, take the time to decide to work with us on cabinet refinishing.

Feel free to call or email us. Using our contact form is also available, and we can get you the answers in no time. We are here for you and all residents and property owners needing a new cabinetry look.

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