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Garage Floor Coatings, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Whenever you have a garage, you know you need to take care of it if you don’t want it to become a hassle more than a comfortable space. The way to do this is by focusing on crucial parts, such as your floors, and how you will make them aesthetically pleasing while also worrying about their durability and quality. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we highly recommend garage floor coatings that, unlike popular belief, offer both durability, longevity, and low maintenance, leading to fewer expenses and time invested in your garage alone.

Now, not everyone knows how to deal with floor coatings or what they are even about. In general, it is common to think that what determines a good floor is the type of material installed. Hence, most homeowners or property owners overall just focus on finding quality materials such as stucco or going for expensive options when the solution could be as simple as having a new coating.

With this in mind, garage floor coatings are not for every type of floor. In most cases, it is a method used for concrete garage floors only to create a protective barrier. In other words, you add an element that is bonded to the concrete and prevents scratches, stains, and overall damage to the surface.

While it is possible to apply it over specific materials, it is commonly used with concrete for a few reasons:

  • Concrete flooring is one of the cheapest options. Hence, many homeowners decide to use it but often deal with cracks and repairs. A floor coating can prevent this while also adding aesthetically pleasing looks.
  • It is easy to implement and has different types of coatings in place.
  • All coatings are smoother and safer.

What Are the Best Types of Garage Floor Coatings?

In case you decide to approach this idea and project, you will want to know it takes more than your usual decision-making whenever you go for some fruits and grocery shopping.

With so many options and coatings in the market, you need to consider which one will be the best based on the price, your particular needs, the type of floor you have, and the aesthetics you want to get. Hence, it will take some consideration to finally come up with the best alternative.

The material of the coating is what matters the most since, aesthetically speaking, it is possible to get specific results with multiple types of products depending on how they are used. Moreover, our contractors can recommend multiple options based on aesthetics, but we will consider durability and performance equally important during this process.

Overall, polyaspartic floor coating is considered the best. It performs well in all garages and conditions, and it will bring protection against scratches and stains, and the whole equipment you have for your space can be used without worries.

However, polyaspartic can be particularly expensive, meaning not everyone can opt for it, and, in some cases, it isn’t the best option. While there is always a standard and more pros than cons when comparing some materials and coatings, it also depends on your needs.

Epoxy resin, acrylic, and similar floor coatings can be quite good due to their price and the thicker layers they offer. Moreover, you don’t usually have to worry about maintenance or how the investment may go up in the long run.

Therefore, what we can tell you is: to choose the best type of garage floor coatings based on your needs, budget, and preferences while we bring some recommendations instead.

How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost?

It will highly depend on the coating and material used and the project’s complexity. Overall, you can expect a wide range that begins at $300 and goes all the way up to $3.500.

At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can offer you an estimate based on some considerations:

  • Square feet to be covered in your garage. +
  • The material to be used on the coating.
  • Your budget and preferences.
  • The type of coating you are looking for and need as well.
  • Customization or any additional requests and needs.
  • The repair or any future issues the material could bring.
  • Products and materials used.

Overall, what will determine the price the most for your garage floor coating is your concrete floor condition and the square footage we will cover in the process. Hence, call or email us for a more accurate estimate.

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