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Whenever you think about popcorn ceiling removal, we know you are looking at it and figuring out how to get rid of it. However, this can be more difficult than it seems due to the asbestos involved or the different steps that can lead to a disaster. Therefore, whenever you want to approach the project, ensure you are working with qualified contractors that can help you determine the best approach based on having asbestos or not in your ceilings. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can support you and ensure you don’t have to worry about any type of issue in the short and long run.

In case you are worried about asbestos, we will make sure to take the required contingencies so that you are safe alongside your family members and everyone else that is using or living inside the property. With this in mind, you will be at peace whenever you consider approaching your needs and working through this whole popcorn texture removal.

Now, is it an expensive or difficult project to approach? Yes and no. In case your ceiling doesn’t have any asbestos, you will find yourself with quite a simple process. However, it can still take some time in order to get the desired result. This is why proper inspection and working around the specific type of project at hand is the right process to follow. Otherwise, it is common to mistake how it should be approached.

Feel free to email, call us, or use our contact form in order to get a free consultation and estimate for this project. Then, whenever you decide to work with us, you can have a design and plan so that the process is properly executed.

How Long Does It Take to Do Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

From one to four days in most cases. The timeline will be changed depending on how difficult it is to remove the texture. Moreover, having asbestos can keep adding days, as it strongly depends on the type of project we are dealing with.

This is why setting a maximum or general timeline for every project is impossible. Instead, it should be done once we have assessed the conditions and made sure to test whether there is asbestos or not.

Your ceiling’s size, the difficulty in the whole place, and so on takes a lot of time for the whole project to be done. Now, the average is established at 1 to 4 days because of how the whole concept can be handled. Therefore, feel free to contact us and have our qualified contractors assess your needs.

Once we are done, we will be able to set a design and plan for your space. Feel free to request a free consultation, estimate, and work with us around a plan that can be more than useful for your home or business to be in good condition and safe for everyone.

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