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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Whenever you are about to work on your interior flooring or just bring any change to your space, you will want to consider all the options you have, even some pricey ones, even when you don’t have the full budget for them. Doing this will allow you to maximize your time and ensure you are going for the best type of materials and flooring in this case. In our company, we consider everyone should give luxury vinyl flooring installation a chance. At least, consider it as an alternative and learn about the pros and cons for comparison or getting it for their properties.

Luxury vinyl flooring will, naturally, be a bit more expensive than other flooring options. The question is, will every penny will worth it in the short and long run? The flooring should be done while considering your designs and preferences so that you know you won’t regret it. For this, you need to learn everything about the floors you are about to install.

LVT flooring is stunning and offers all the durability you need regardless of the presentation you install: tiles or planks. As long as the whole project is addressed accordingly, you shouldn’t have problems working around the different elements and what it entails.

That being said, it isn’t a type of floor that should be installed without professional help. While it may look simple to glue down the tiles or planks, it can be tricky due to how vinyl differs from natural stones or other materials. Hence, you shouldn’t opt for DIY luxury vinyl flooring installation.

Instead, focus on whom you can hire for the project so that you get the most out of your investment and obtain the desired result.

What Is So Good About Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Starting with the pros is always the way to go. Hence, expect us to get started right here and ensure you understand the entire scope of working with luxury vinyl:

  • Its aesthetics and designs are unique since they can resemble natural wood, stone, or even fabric texture. As a result, you get quite a wide variety of options for your space.
  • Finishes won’t be similar to other materials unless this is your goal.
  • It is more durable than some natural stones and tiles due to how you cannot usually crack or break it. Instead, it will perform well in all conditions.
  • Moisture and dampness won’t be issues. Additionally, you can use it outdoors or indoors even when most people will recommend it for the latter only.
  • It is not hard to get done. While other installations will take weeks or several days, luxury vinyl flooring installation can be done in record time.
  • The surface is versatile, and with all the designs and options available, aesthetics won’t be an issue.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune. Although it is called “luxury vinyl,” the truth is that you won’t spend hundreds of thousands working with this surface. Additionally, you can find variations and subtypes that can be adapted or adjusted to your budget.
  • Finally, it will add property value. Unlike other materials, it won’t wear out easily. Hence, people love having it no matter where it is installed.
  • This takes us to the next benefit: it can be used in all rooms. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more.

Feel free to clear all doubts and ask questions about this type of flooring.

But Does Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Have Any Disadvantages?

Naturally, while some companies and contractors will try to sell you the idea based on a standard, we know better. As much as we would love to tell you this is the perfect surface, it may not be for everyone.

First, it can be difficult to remove later in case you want to have new planks or go for new flooring, so you need to consider it a lifetime floor.

Second, the material is soft, which has its pros but also cons. Third, discoloration may be an issue, which is why outdoors benefit from it, but not entirely.

Finally, it is non-sustainable and may require a lot of maintenance in high-traffic areas or spaces.

At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can help you determine if this is the flooring you want and need for your space. Then we give you an estimate with all the details and costs for luxury vinyl flooring installation.

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