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Baseboard Installation, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

While some changes and elements for your property will involve massive additions or projects that are more than changing a color or entire space, others will be simple but equally important for aesthetics, durability, and value. Baseboard installation is one of the latter parts, as it is a way to protect your walls and ensure certain elements and activities don’t damage them. However simple as this project may seem, installation can be tricky. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can help you with the details and ensure you get everything done with no issues in the short and long run.

Overall, you don’t want projects to be handled without proper assessment and having the skills, experience, and tools. Otherwise, it is quite easy to compromise quality and has general issues with how the piece or baseboard, in this case, performs later on.

Therefore, take the time to consider the options and think carefully if going for the DIY idea is actually worth the investment and hassle. As a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry and even in baseboard installation alone, we can tell you it isn’t, especially when considering the price of having professionals do it for you.

First, you can spend about $5 per linear foot, and this often includes labor costs alongside materials. Considering that most walls or spaces don’t require a bunch of pieces, you can have a project done for less than $200, and rest assured it will last.

Then, all it takes is knowing how to take care of them, which won’t even be an issue since baseboards require almost no maintenance even after years. Simple cleaning will do and keep them in good condition.

How Do We Perform Baseboard Installation?

In general, the installation will take place in a specific way in terms of steps and how the whole process is done. However, some variations can change the whole process or add to some parts of the installation.

This means that establishing a generic process or standard may be right most of the time, but not for all the baseboard installations performed and done by our experts.

To give you an idea, we will include the regular process and how everything takes place for most of our clients and regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property:

  1. We measure the walls and the space where the baseboard will be installed so that we know the square footage we must cover.
  2. During measurement, adding some inches may be necessary to make sure the length is right, and in case of any excess, it can be easily cut or removed.
  3. We remove and clean all the excess material from the walls and floors in case this hasn’t been done or there is a particular consideration we must follow.
  4. In case you have old baseboards, this step goes before or after we have measured the walls.
  5. Before proceeding with the installation, we must ensure the floor is leveled.
  6. Then, we proceed to prepare the walls for the new baseboards.
  7. We will cut the baseboard corners depending on the type of corners and spaces you have.
  8. Our contractors proceed with the installation by nailing or gluing them to the wall.
  9. Round molding must be installed next.
  10. We will caulk and finish the entire baseboard by cleaning and clearing any excess dust and debris in the area we performed the installation.

Baseboard Installation Costs at Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Overall, you will notice there are estimates per linear foot, per square foot, or for entire projects and installations. Therefore, determining the cost will vary depending on the company you are working with and other factors:

  • The baseboards you choose for your walls.
  • Patterns, designs, and colors.
  • The timeframe for the task.
  • How complex or difficult the project is.
  • Any additional requests, considerations, and steps we need to add to the process?
  • Your budget and how you would like to approach this installation.

Our team can do baseboard installation, and we will follow an average that goes from $5 to $8 per linear foot. In essence, we can establish a regular and full project for about $1.000 if it involves an entire property.

Sometimes, a room can be as little as $100, but everything depends on the project at hand.

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