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New Construction Painters, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Working on a new property and construction is never easy. You need to go over all the steps and parts of the project until you are able to get a clear result for your space. In most cases, you end up being quite overwhelmed by all the details and how you can manage the whole process. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we can alleviate part of the task by helping you with the painting process thanks to our new construction painters and the support they can provide to get a new and unique finish.

While painting may not seem like the difficult part of your process and something you need professionals for, it can prove to be a challenge due to how you need to work around quality and aesthetics all the time. In most cases, you don’t get one or the other when doing it yourself, or you just sacrifice one for the other.

Our new construction painters will make sure the whole place looks stunning and complement the new place itself. For it, we need to know about your preferences, any color needs and inclinations you have, and how you would like to approach the design and style. Usually, new construction owners and managers have an idea of how the whole property will look at the end of the day since this is part of the design.

However, some changes and considerations can apply depending on how the whole construction develops over the weeks and months. Our role is to make sure you get the most out of the investment by providing the perfect paint and color and completing the structure.

By the time we finish, you will have an aesthetically pleasing finish that will stand all elements and bring durability to the place.

Why Are New Construction Painters Needed?

Painting a single room is difficult enough; painting a whole property is definitely another whole story.

First, painters aren’t there only to provide the execution but also help with decision-making, choosing proper types, and working with needs and exceptions. You can consider professionals to be guides and supporters so that the final result is proper for the new construction. +

Second, not all rooms and surfaces should be painted the same way. While you may think it is about buying multiple buckets for the painting, it highly depends on the conditions and needs. In other words, you cannot and shouldn’t use the same type of paint if you truly want durability and quality.

Third, getting the balance and a neat finish for the property so that it is worth all the hassle of building it will be important. You cannot usually achieve this unless you understand how rates work and the different types and ensure prep work is done correctly, which is equally important as the painting part itself.

Finally, our new construction painters will work around the property type. Your new construction can be just anything. While we can assume it is a new home or residential property, it could be a municipal building, university, office, and more. Hence, we need to know what applies so that we can focus on proper painting around it.

To sum up, you have professionals that will take care of everything while keeping you actively involved in the process. Then, ensure you have a neat finish and painting in all rooms and surfaces that will go well with your new construction.

While we are at this, we will always consider your budget and the current design you have based on the plans and ideas for the whole construction.

How Much Will New Construction Painting Cost?

Believe it or not, it can be cheaper than your usual painting services.

Most of the costs that go into painting services lie in how the whole removal and scratching works. But when you need to approach a new structure, prep work and the painting itself are what matter.

Therefore, rates based on square feet and the job’s complexity are what determine the final cost the most, which often goes from $2 to $10 per square foot. Depending on the rooms and parts you want us to paint, prices will go lower or higher.

Unlike popular belief, painting doesn’t have to involve the entire property. In case you want our new construction painters to address specific areas, this can be done.

Feel free to call or email Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling today so that you get the most out of your time and investment. We will give you a free consultation and estimate.

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