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Exterior Painters, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

One of the keys to having a stunning and even durable property is having a proper exterior painting in place. Otherwise, it is common for the structure to wear out or get easily damaged by UV rays and other elements. Therefore, whenever you are working on having a new fresh coat of paint, worry about the type of paint, color, shade, and who will handle the project as well. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, our role is to make sure you have access to qualified exterior painters so that you get a neat and proper result that will make your property look stunning and last for years.

Making sure that your property has a nice coat of paint is just part of how you want it to look. After all, your exteriors say a lot and also increase your property’s value be it a residential or commercial property. Therefore, exterior painting isn’t really a luxury but rather a need based on how you can protect your place while still getting aesthetics and durability.

Our role in all this is to guide you on how things should be done and provide support with decision-making, design, and planning so that we can jump to prep work and execution once every detail is properly done.

Unlike other painting contractors for your exteriors, we want to make sure you are happy with all the details and that all your needs are covered. Otherwise, working on the exterior painting will be useless or bring certain issues to the table.

As long as you work with us and keep the details of what you want clear, we will happily accommodate them while considering what you need and can afford as well. Hence, don’t hesitate to make comments and add any details.

Why Is Hiring Exterior Painters Worth It?

In general, painting is considered to be a DIY idea or project anyone can tackle. However, quality is always compromised whenever you decide to approach it as such.

Dealing with some walls, surfaces, or small details shouldn’t be a big issue to do it yourself. But when you are trying to deal with massive changes, such as your entire exteriors, you need a neat and proper coat for your space.

What exterior painters do is guarantee that your project is handled correctly from the very beginning. At least when you decide to hire us.

First, we will review decision-making with you when working on color and shade selection, type of paint, and the whole design of the painting. Second, we will focus on how you can have the perfect finish while adding durability to the whole process.

Third, we plan the project so that every detail is handled correctly and a neat and durable finish and coat are guaranteed.

Finally, we make sure to work on the perfect painting so that you can have a neat result for your space.

Our organization, planning, and experience in the exterior painting are what makes us valuable since we will focus on getting you the perfect result and balance the following factors:

  • The color, type of paint, and your preferences in the whole project.
  • Your budget for it and how much you can afford.
  • The specific weather conditions and how the surface and exteriors should stand all the elements.
  • Covering any needs and particular requests from you or that we can observe and determine.

Finding this balance is crucial as it allows us to get a proper painting that won’t cost you a fortune but won’t affect quality, either.

How Much Is Exterior Painting in Florida?

Costs will range between $3 to $6 per square foot. The price will highly depend on whom you are hiring, the square feet you are covering, and how you want to approach the whole exterior painting.

In our case, we like providing a custom estimate and even consultation so that you can have a clear idea of costs and rates for your painting alone. Our exterior painters can provide it any time of the year, and rest assured, our estimates are free, and you can take your time deciding whether you want to work with us or not.

Overall, we consider a budget you may have established already. In case you have a wide one, we will focus on how we can maximize it while getting quality and aesthetics altogether and alongside durability.

Feel free to call or email us today to access your personal estimate, regardless of the property and where you need our exterior painters to help.

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