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Exterior Stucco Repairs, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

Most people believe that dealing with repairs in walls, concrete, and stucco isn’t difficult to the point of having to rely on professionals for it. However, it is necessary. Cracks, leaks, and any type of damage can be more serious and dangerous than what you are able to assess over 90% of the time. Hence, you want people who can tell you the scope of the damage and how the solution must take place. Our team helps you with all types of exterior stucco repairs so that you get a durable and unique result for your space.

Our goal is to ensure that stunning and durable stucco remains the same. For it, we need to worry about the specific damage you are dealing with and how we can address it in order to guarantee quality and provide a result that won’t bring more problems in the long run.

Unlike popular belief, there is a large list of sources when it comes to how your stucco can be damaged. Depending on the one affecting or affecting your space, the approach will vary and require different considerations. Hence, don’t try to speed run the process when it is needed to have proper considerations and assessment in the whole project. 

Our company can help you in every step so that you get the most out of this process. As long as you have our team working on your ideas and needs, we will happily handle them and deal with the how exterior stucco repairs you require for your home or any other property in the area.

Now, how do we repair stucco? This depends on all the factors mentioned before and more.

How to Perform Exterior Stucco Repairs

Since the repairs will vary depending on the type of damage, the process to follow cannot be just a standard or predeterminate. However, there is a common process whenever the repairs include cracks, loose stucco, or similar issues in your exteriors.

When this is the case, we follow a common step-by-step process we have ensured is cost-effective and efficient for the whole purpose.

First, we need to break off loose stucco to remove the damaged areas that cannot be saved. Second, chip aware at the edges to get the whole element removed.

Third, our contractors proceeded to cover the exposed lath after we took care of the damaged stucco in the wall or space. We have to cover it with proper paper before being able to proceed with the rest of the stucco.

Fourth, we add mesh made of galvanized metal so that we have the edges and all the guides for the job to be easier.

Fifth, once we have all the elements in place, we start preparing and mixing the stucco, which we didn’t do beforehand to prevent it from drying or lying around without proper use. Then, we sling it and apply it over the area to restore the damage.

All the excess will be scratched, and apply a second coat so that we can complete the thick layer required for the existing surface and exterior stucco.

Finally, we apply a final coat or layer if needed and proceed to work on painting it or adding the finish it initially has. As a result, you have all the unique and quality stucco for your property restored.

Remember that this is mostly for highly damaged areas and parts, while cracks and some lines will be handled similarly by using more stucco and applying it over the walls until they are even.

How Much Will Exterior Stucco Repairs Cost?

The range for expenses is quite wide when you consider how bad your stucco could be. On average, people spend from $300 to $3,000 repairing their stucco, but let’s clarify that the higher ends are due to all the damage and awful conditions in your exteriors.

Scratches, holes, or cracks can be easily repaired with some elements, and how the whole repair turns out to be a bit easier and simpler. You can work with us on the whole assessment so that we can determine the best possible way to proceed, along with providing an estimate.

At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we will consider your needs and requirements while also keeping your budget in mind. Moreover, we will work on the estimate based on your project and general customization for the exterior stucco you have at hand.

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