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Level 5 Ceiling Finish, Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling

For most people, mentioning level 5 ceiling finish will mean nothing or leave them thinking how this can be something they should or could be interested in. In case you own a property, residential or commercial, we consider you will find yourself quite interested due to how this option can not only add property value but also bring comfort and a better experience while in the space. At Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling, we navigate the whole process with you and make sure you get the most out of this adventure and investment or get to determine whether this is something you want or not.

To begin with, a level 5 finish alone is a type of smooth finish you obtain for your drywalls or other surfaces. It is done by using joint compounds and other materials depending on the space and how the project must be approached. Overall, people consider this skim coating or the luxury smooth finishes they can get. However, a whole process surrounds its obtention, especially when you think about the levels.

But keeping it simple, the wall or ceiling, in this case, will be smooth, and no imperfections will be seen when you work on the entire process. Knowing whether this is the option you want for your ceilings isn’t that difficult if you think about the result you get with its execution.

However, understanding the different levels before you decide to approach the whole concept can shine a lot of light so that you know the investment will be worth every penny and second.

What Are the Levels to Go Through Before the Level 5 Ceiling Finish?

Naturally, the number pretty much represents the previous ones as well. However, you want to know starting now that level 5 is the highest possible level for your finish.

Now, let’s go over your options and how this level makes a difference when you think about it.

  • Level 0 only involves a drywall that is installed and how, in this case, it is held or fastened to the ceiling in order to work on it.
  • Level 1 is where the whole joint tape and elements start to be installed and included. The whole drywall is covered in the joint compound for further work.
  • Level 2 covers the entire skimming and how the coat of joint compound is worked over the tape from the previous step. This is often the level where people decide to have a specific finish, work with tiles or have another material installed for their ceilings.
  • Level 3 will cover how the joint compound and a thicker layer are applied. You will have the perfect prep work when working on texturized options or ceilings.
  • Level 4 is what you often get for the drywall finish. We need to apply an extra layer and make sure the compound is sanded so that the prep finish and surface are smoother for further work.
  • Level 5 comes to the whole skim coat application or how the smooth finish comes to life completely.

It is natural to go over all the levels before you are able to get level 5 done. Therefore, you can consider all levels equally important unless you want to approach a different finish that isn’t the smooth option obtained at the highest level.

Allow us to guide you through it and make sure you don’t have to worry about quality and all the steps.

How to Get Level 5 Ceiling Finish Done

The process is quite similar to the whole concept of skim coat or while getting smooth finishes. Hence, you will find quite similarities.

First, we will apply the joint compound with a roller and make it even on the drywall so that the layer is thick enough for us to work on it. Any excess will be scraped off.

Second, we use the taping knife to get the dabs of mud applied and make sure to start smoothing the surface. Like before, we will get rid of all the excess once done.

Finally, make sure the entire ceiling is neatly done.

One easy way to address this is by using a sprayer and the proper equipment we provided to our Jupiter Pro Painters & Home Remodeling team. They can use the sprayer to apply the joint compound and start working on making it smooth.

Feel free to address the process with us when reaching out, and have our team work with you on every step.

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